Yuzuki Chiyonobu
Yuzuki C
Personal info
Japanese name: 千代延 柚希
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Onoze Middle School
Grade: 1st year middle school (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age Chapter 35)

Yuzuki Chiyonobu is a first year student at Onoze Middle School and member of their mahjong club.


Yuzuki is 150 cm tall during her first year in middle school. She wears her medium length hair in braids.


Playing Style / Abilities

Yuzuki had an unfortunate showing against Kyouka and the other Captain's, playing into Rio's hand. Despite this, she managed 3rd place (although a negative point balance), and managed to get a sanbaiman tenpai, but still with no win.


City Tournament Arc

Yuzuki is the captain of Onoze Middle School's mahjong team and plays against Airi Ogusa, Rio Yomura, and Kyouka Inamura.

Kyouka quickly takes first blood, then Yuzuki deals into Rio's pinfu, iipeikou, dora 1. Kyouka continues to dominate the game, but in the penultimate hand, Yuzuki finally catches a break. After Airi calls a pung on the live chun tile, Yuzuki discards the live hatsu, but Airi doesn't call it (the others suspect Airi's DaiSanGen, but Yuzuki has no choice but to push forward given the point difference). A few turns later, Yuzuki calls riichi on her chinitsu, pinfu, dora-dora, and the others think that Kyouka might just deal into it, but she bails. The hand goes to an exhaustive draw, with all of them but Kyouka in tenpai.

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