Yuuko Satou
Satou 2
Personal info
Japanese name: 佐藤 裕子
Birthday: February 2
Debut: Zenkoku-hen, episode 3
Voiced by: Machiko Toyoshima

Yuuko Satou is a professional announcer and is paired with Yoshiko Kainou.


Yuuko has medium length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a necklace and has large breasts.


National Tournament Arc

Yuuko announces the second round of the national tournament with Yoshiko. She briefly mentions Yoshiko's alma mater was defeated in the first round. At halftime she was debating whether or not to mention Yoshiko's connection with Haru Takimi, however Yoshiko payed more attention to the food. Yuuko then asks Yoshiko if she wants to visit the restaurant next and says that it might be more expensive but it'll be more delicious.

Final Eight Arc

She later appears during the side B semi-finals. Here she meets Yoshiko and Hayari Mizuhara and converse about work. Yuuko then asks the two about a rumor that some of the top pros had a meeting the night before.

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