Yuuka Morigaki
Yuuka ani2
Personal info
Japanese name: 森垣 友香
Birthday: February 26
School: Kentani High School
Grade: First-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 5
Voiced by: Naomi Shindou
Position: Vice-Captain

Yuuka Morigaki is a first year at Kentani High. She use to live abroad in the United States of America before going to Kentani.


Yuuka has medium length strawberry blonde hair and purple eyes. She wears the standard Kentani high uniform.

Playing Style / Abilities

Though only scarcely shown, Yuuka is a talented freshman. She was able to score a dealer baiman and handily defeat the likes of Hiroko Funakubo and Arata Sagimori.


National Tournament Arc

During the inter-high tournament, although her match was briefly shown, she managed to hit a dealer's baiman and emerged victorious, bringing her team to second place. Unfortunately her team did not advance to the next round and she is seen in the anime crying with Riko Yasufuku at the end.

Final Eight Arc

She later appears serving tea to Miyuki Tsubakino early in the morning. She then turns the television on to the inter-high matches. She notices Teru Miyanaga and the points difference, saying that its only going to get worse from there on out. During the semi-finals match, Hiroko Funakubo mentions that because of Yuuka, she couldn't collect enough data on Arata Sagimori.

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