Yuu Jisso
Jisso cmg
Personal info
Japanese name: 十曽 湧
Birthday: October 18
School: Eisui Girls' Middle School
Grade: 3rd year middle school
Debut: Saki (manga), round 100

Yuu Jisso is a third year student at the middle school branch of Eisui Girls'.


Yuu has short dark hair tied in the back and blue eyes. She wears a miko uniform in her few appearances.


Final Eight Arc

She is first mentioned by Tomoe Karijuku as an invite to when they go to the beach before the individuals. Jisso is breifly seen in Komaki Jindai's dream about the event. It is hinted at that she is one of the Six Hermits. It is later revealed that Akise Iwato as well as her cannot go to the beach until their homework is finished.

National Championship Arc

She is introduced to the Miyamori girls by Haru Takimi. Kasumi tells them that if they need anything to ask Akise and Yuu.

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