Yumachi Middle School is located in the city of Matsue in Shimane Prefecture.
Yumachi Middle

Yumachi Middle School

Kyouka Inamura, Kanna Ishitobi, Himari Kanazawa, Rena Mototsune, and Shino Shiratsuki started studying here after graduating from Yumachi Elementary. Hayari Mizuhara also went here since the middle school from her district didn't have a mahjong club.

Alumni of Yumachi Middle School include Kousuke Shiratsuki and probably Nana Shiratsuki.


The year before Shino entered the school, the team of Yumachi Middle School was defeated during the prefectural qualification tournament of the All Japan Middle School Mahjong Tournament. The strong third year players graduated.


Yumachi Middle Team

Yumachi mahjong club. From left to right: Shino Shiratsuki, Rena Mototsune, Shizuku Nozu, Mirin Katsube, Ayuko Yamamoto, Rio Takuwa, Kyouka Inamura, Kanna Ishitobi.

The remaining club members are two second year students, the club president Shizuku Nozu and Rio Takuwa, as well as two third year students, Mirin Katsube and Ayuko Yamamoto. The previous year, all four were defeated in the first round of the city individual tournament. Kyouka Inamura, Kanna Ishitobi, Hayari Mizuhara, Rena Mototsune, and Shino Shiratsuki joined the club. The club advisers are Chisa Sakane and the elderly Nakamura.

The mahjong club room has two automatic tables.


Girls' Team City Tournament:

  • Kanna Ishitobi (Vanguard)
  • Hayari Mizuhara (Sergeant)
  • Shino Shiratsuki (Lieutenant)
  • Shizuku Nozu (Vice-Captain)
  • Kyouka Inamura (Captain)

With Rio Takuwa, Rena Mototsune, Mirin Katsube, and Ayuko Yamamoto as substitutes.

All members competed in the individual city tournament, but only Hayari Mizuhara (2nd place), Shino Shiratsuki (4th place), and Kanna Ishitobi (6th place) qualified for the individual prefectural tournament.

Girls' Team Prefectural Tournament:

  • Rio Takuwa (Vanguard)
  • Kanna Ishitobi (Sergeant)
  • Kyouka Inamura (Lieutenant)
  • Hayari Mizuhara (Vice-Captain)
  • Shino Shiratsuki (Captain)

With the other members as substitutes.

For the final match, Chisa Sakane substituted Shizuku Nozu for Rio Takuwa and switched the Vanguard and Captain players, to obtain the following line-up:

  • Shino Shiratsuki (Vanguard)
  • Kanna Ishitobi (Sergeant)
  • Kyouka Inamura (Lieutenant)
  • Hayari Mizuhara (Vice-Captain)
  • Shizuku Nozu (Captain)

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