Yui Kajino
Yui Kajino 1
Personal info
Location: Goutsu, Shimane prefecture
School: Komosawa Middle School
Grade: 3nd year
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 43
Position: Lieutenant

Yui Kajino is a third year student at Komosawa Middle School in Goutsu, Shimane prefecture, and president of their mahjong club.


Yui has short hair.


Yui appears to be stern, wondering where Chihiro was as she was late.

Playing Style / Abilities


Shimane Tournament Arc

She wonders where Chihiro is before the girl enters their room. She then mentions that she did the same during the city tournament.

In the final match against Yumachi Middle School, Himebara Middle School, and Hirefuri Middle School, she is the third player (Lieutenant) of the mahjong team.

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