Youko Nogami
Youko cl2
Personal info
Japanese name: 野上 葉子
Birthday: September 19
Location: Osaka
Grade: Fifth-year elementary school
Debut: Toki, Chapter 1 (named in Chapter 2)

Youko Nogami is a classmate of Ryuuka Shimizudani, Toki Onjouji as well as her friend Ayumi Shinji, and self-proclaimed best friend of Ryuuka.


Youko has long curly black hair and brown eyes.


Playing Style/ Abilities


Introduction Arc (Toki manga)

She invites Ryuuka over to her house to look at a magazine but she declines. The next day Ayumi confronts Toki about spending so much time with Ryuuka but Youko tells her not to use violence. She introduces herself and then apologizes for Ayumi but says it is Toki's fault. When Ryuuka intervenes, Youko cries and says that she wants to play with her too and that Toki just isn't right for her. Youko then receives a challenge from Toki to play mahjong.

Youko then accepts the challenge on the condition that the loser will have to stop being friends with Ryuuka. After Ryuuka and Ayumi decide to participate as well, Youko tells her to let them know the time and date. She then says to herself that the right person to sit next to Ryuuka is not Toki.

Showdown Arc

Smug youko
With the match finally upon them, Youko praises Toki for not running away and the match begins. Throughout the match Youko was in control. It wasn't until Toki hit with a baiman did she take the lead. However, she encouraged Ryuuka to win and she ended up winning the match. Youko and Ayumi told her that playing mahjong was fun and the president even invited them to the club to play.

When Toki tells her that she stopped being friends with Ryuuka, she yells furiously at her. She then says that she would like to be real friends with Ryuuka but doesn't know if she can. Youko then starts yelling at her again and convinces Toki to meet up with Ryuuka afterschool.

The next day she sees that Toki and Ryuuka made up and joins with them. She then tells Ayumi that she enjoyed playing mahjong with them and her and that they should join the mahjong club.