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Yoshiko Yasukouchi
Personal info
Japanese name: 安河内 美子
Birthday: October 22
School: Shindouji Girls' High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen,Chapter 7
Voiced by: Megumi Takamoto
Position: Sergeant
Style: -
Main skill/ability: -

Yoshiko Yasukouchi is a third year student at Shindouji Girls' High School.


Yoshiko has blue tied up hair and brownish-green eyes with glasses. She wears the standard Shindouji uniform.


Playing Style / Abilities

In the semi-finals match, Yoshiko discarded her usual playing style for a new one. Rather than trying to make big hands, she completed fast, cheap hands in order to avoid Sumire Hirose's piercing arrow shots.


Final Eight Arc

Yoshiko appears with the rest of her teammates entering the playing hall before the final eight competition begins. When Kirame Hanada's match was over Mairu Shirouzu told Yoshiko that it was her turn and she nervously agrees.

During the match, she is the first to strike, able to get a win off of Izumi Nijou. She wins again off of Sumire Hirose and leaves her wondering why she's playing differently. Later during the match, she is seen winning again but this time leaving everyone guessing as to why she is playing differently than her records. After Yuu Matsumi is able to get back to back wins off of Sumire, Yoshiko wins again with another quick and cheap hand, angering Sumire, who wins the next turn.

After the game, she thanks the players and leaves. She is later seen during the vice-captains match, noticing that Himeko Tsuruta looked odd and wondered if the binds were big. When Himeko explains that she cannot use extra han if Mairu goes over, Yoshiko says that too bad. After Sukoya Kokaji's explaination of why Mairu is the vice-captain, she is shocked at Hitomi Ezaki reaction and her not knowing the reason. During the captains match, she is shown to be excited when Himeko takes the lead. She is later seen intentively watching Himeko's match. After the loss she is shown crying with the rest of her teammates.

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