Yorina Ishihara
Yorina Ishihara
Personal info
Japanese name: 石原 依奈
Location: Izumo, Shimane prefecture
School: Himebara Middle School
Grade: 3rd year
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 44
Position: vanguard

Yorina Ishihara is a third year middle school student at Himebara Middle.



Yorina is very confident. She comes on very strong and is defensive about her statements, refuting Maiko's statement that Izumo has always lost by mentioning that Masudo has as well.

She can also get absorbed into her own thoughts and break out of them suddenly when she is excited, such as when she excitedly called the east tile and was happy about getting a dealer repeat.

Playing Style / Abilities

Thus far, in the Shimane Finals, Yorina has shown the worst ability to defend, as she has dealt in multiple times, leading to her having the lowest score. She focuses mainly on attacking, and calls tiles and declares riichi often. However, she is conscious of point differences, as she was unwilling to call tiles that wouldn't guarantee her yaku while she was in last place, and only called once the east tile came out.


Shimane Tournament Arc

Yorina enters the playing room with Maiko and immediately challenges Yuzuha, saying that she will defeat Yuzuha and that Komosawa will not be able to play like they do every year. Maiko shoots her down, but Yorina also drags down Masuda, the city Maiko is from. The match starts and Shino quickly wins the first hand - Yorina thinks that's typical of the 3rd best elementary school mahjong player, but also thought that Shino has a second-half type.

Yorina declares riichi in the next hand, only to play into Maiko's 1000 point hand. After Yuzuha wins with a haneman tsumo, Yorina wonders why she declared riichi, as without a tsumo there's no additional value to declaring riichi (because the values prevent both ippatsu and uradora, meaning her hand went from 4 han to 5 han effectively doing nothing as both are considered a mangan). Yuzuha responds saying that she declares riichi when she thinks she will win and fold when she doesn't think so, as normal players do.

In the following hand, Maiko declares riichi on the 6th turn, and everyone bails, leading to an exhaustive draw. Yorina then plays into Maiko's hand, and her dealer streak continues. After Shino breaks Maiko's dealer streak, HImebara is decidedly in last place, and it comes to Yorina's last dealer turn. When Maiko discards a tile that Yorina can call, she ignores it, saying that under normal circumstances, she would make that call during her dealership, she must be wary of the point difference, and will only call the east tile, which will guarantee her yaku. In the end, she excitedly calls on Maiko's east tile, getting her yaku. After Maiko declares riichi, Yorina also reaches tenpai, and pursues Maiko with her open hand. Shino deals into Yorina's hand, who becomes happy with her dealer repeats..

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