Wakana Yonamine
Wakana color
Personal info
Japanese name: 与那嶺 若菜
Birthday: July 19
Location: Okinawa Prefecture
School: Shuri Elementary School
Grade: 1st year middle school (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 18
Style: Fear Tactics
Main skill/ability: -

Wakana Yonamine is the winner of the elementary tournament in her region during her 6th year at Shuri Elementary School.


Wakana has medium length black hair and dark eyes. She wears a stripped poncho and a necklace.


According to another Okinawa representative, she is ruthless during matches.

Playing Style/Abilities

Wakana uses fear tactics to intimidate her opponents such as yelling or even throwing tiles at them before the match.


Girls of Yumachi

After winning her tournament by making the last place person go bust, she laughs and says there is nothing but small fry there. She is then greeted by Kokoro Oroku and congratulates her. However she warned Kokoro that if she is at the same table she will crush her.

Children's National Tournament Arc

Her first match isn't shown but she did defeat Rui Suzuki to advance to the second round. Before leaving she puts her hand on Rui's shoulder and tells her that she was pretty good but that she already forgot her name.

Before the match starts, the forth player, Mei Munakata, arrives late to the match. Wakana then throws the last seating tile at the girl but it was caught by Shino Shiratsuki. When the match starts, Wakana begins yelling at her opponents to hurry up and also yelling a pon which she converts into a ron worth 2000 pts. She then yells a riichi which frightens everyone but Shino. After Shino beats her for a huge gain, Wakana realizes that her tactics isn't going to work on Shino and is in trouble. She then loses the match to Shino and just says "lame". When one of the others chastises her, Wakana says that she was talking about herself.

She then runs into Kokoro whom asks how her match went. Wakana asks her and Kokoro tells her that she won. Kokoro then asks if Wakana lost and when she confirms that she did, Kokoro tells her that it was shameful. Wakana then says that the come from the same place and that she should comfort her a little.

Individual Tournament Arc

She appears with Kokoro to listen in on her conversation with Shino.

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