Events of the All Japan High School Mahjong Tournament are held at various public locations. In prefectures with lower student population, events are often held at public facilities. Tournaments in regions with a history of strong rivalry and high attention from the media are often held in rented private facilities which have more amenities.

Tokyo International Forum

Inter High venue

Tokyo International Forum in the anime

Tokyo International Forum (東京国際フォーラム) is the venue of the Inter High School Mahjong Championships. It is a multipurpose convention and exhibition center standing between Tokyo Station and Yuurakuchou Station. Its address is in Marunouchi, Chiyoda, on the site formerly occupied by Tokyo City Hall (before it moved to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in 1991).


Tokyo International Forum

The building is the winning design in the 1989 International Design Competition, the first international architectural competition in Japan, held by the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA). Rafael Viñoly, of Uruguayan origin and raised in Argentina, and his firm submitted the design, which features swooping curves of steel truss and glass, with an exterior shaped like an elongated boat.

Prefecture qualification venues

Region Location Manga & anime Actual
Nagano Prefecture Raisin Hall
Nagano venue RaisinHall
Nara Prefecture Nara City Central Gymnasium
Nara venue NaraGymnasium
East Tokyo Hotel Nikko Tokyo
East Tokyo venue HotelNikkoTokyo
West Tokyo Izumi City Public Gymnasium
West Tokyo venue IzumiGymnasium

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