Usuzan sch
Usuzan High School, located in South Hokkaido, is a national tournament rival of Kiyosumi High School, Himematsu High School and Rinkai Girls' High School in the Saki manga and its anime adaptation.


Usuzan is making its first appearance at the national tournament. In the 71st Interhigh, they made it all the way to the semi-finals due to the splendid performance of their Vice-Captain and Captain, Yukiko Maya and Sawaya Shishihara.

Yuan Iwadate claims they slid by the quarterfinals a lot easier due to Rinkai focussing on the veteran East Hakuraku, but in the semifinals all schools were on the offensive, leaving them behind.

Before Yukiko joined the club, it was mainly for Naruka, Chikako, Yuan, and Sawaya to hang out and play games, with two ghost members acting as the head of the club without actually showing up. When Yukiko joined them, Sawaya decided that it was their mission to make her a bigger star than Hayari Mizuhara is.


Usuzan team

According to Hiroko Funakubo and Sera Eguchi, Usuzan uses the "weak-to-strong" order of players that Shindouji and Makabi use. Although their vanguard is a little lacklustre, their vice-captain and captain are beyond interhigh levels.


Girls' team tournament


71st Inter High

Main article: 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships

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