In Saki, Training Camps are used by various schools to improve their teams play. All the training camps so far have consisted of a location near their respective schools and generally have a onsen that they use.


Kiyosumi's do their training at the schools boarding house. Hisa Takei used their first camp to improve upon the first years before the prefectural tournament. After winning the prefecturals, Kiyosumi again uses the boarding house for another training camp this time in preparation for the nationals. However instead of just Kiyosumi, the other schools that made it to the prefectural finals attend.

Combined Training Camp

The combined training camp takes place after the prefectural tournament at the same location as Kiyosumi's. Set up by Yasuko Fujita because she wanted to see all four finalists together. She makes Hisa take credit for the camp and pretends not to be too friendly with her.


After winning the prefecturals and completing their challenge schedule, Achiga holds a ten day training camp in preparation for the nationals. Part of this training included traveling to other prefectures to challenge the runner-ups.


Also in preparation for the nationals. However Senriyama's training camp is not nearby so they have to fly to reach their destination. Here the team also cooks for itself and does some unrelated training such as jogging.


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