Tomoko Nagami
Tomoko Nagami
Personal info
Japanese name: 永見 知子
Location: Goutsu, Shimane prefecture
School: Komosawa Middle School
Grade: 2nd year
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 36
Position: Sergeant

Tomoko Nagami is a second year student at Komosawa Middle School in Goutsu, Shimane prefecture, and member of their mahjong team.


She has medium length shaggy bluish hair and wears the standard Komosawa uniform.


Tomoko is easy-going and has quite a subdued personality. She is not afraid to challenge Chihiro, calling her "Chihi". While speaking with Chihiro she showed a more open yet calm and collected side, but when Mio joked about putting Chihiro on a leash, Tomoko easily agreed saying "ok, I got it."

Playing Style / Abilities


City Tournament Arc

After the tournament, she finds Chihiro Mukunoki and tells her that the place would be good to film a crime drama at. Tomoko then asks why she did not show up at the game but never got a straight answer. Tomoko then informs her that they won the tourney with three subs and tells her about Yumachi's win.

Shimane Tournament Arc

When Mio Bonkohara suggest that she bring Chihiro on a leash for tomorrow's individual tournament, she agrees.