Tamaki Tsuchie
Tamaki 1
Personal info
Japanese name: 土江 珠季
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Dairoku Middle School
Grade: third-year middle school
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 34

Tamaki Tsuchie is a third-year student at Dairoku Middle School and member of their mahjong club.


Tamaki had dark curly hair tied into two tails. She is 156 cm tall during her third year in middle school.


Tamaki may be a bit impatient, as she demanded Shizuku roll the dice after Shizuku took a moment to contemplate her team's position.

Playing Style / Abilities

Not shown in detail, however, she won many times during the Vice-Captain's match. Despite this, she ended with a negative score.


City Tournament Arc

Tamaki is the vice-captain of Dairoku Middle School's mahjong team and plays against Karen Yasube, Manaha Omura, and Shizuku Nozu. Tamaki, Karen, and Manaha exchange wins throughout the match, with Karen staying in the lead until Manaha manages to overtake her with a mangan tsumo. Subsequently, Shizuku wins three times in her dealership, allowing her to overtake Karen and end the match, allowing Yumachi to take first one more time. When Shizuku exclaims that it's a debasai, Tamaki is confused, and Karen explains what it means.

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