Tamago Utsugi
Tamago ani
Personal info
Japanese name: 宇津木 玉子
Birthday: March 18
School: Koshigaya Girls' High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 6
Voiced by: Kei Shindou
Live-action actor: Asuka Ōgame
Position: Vice-Captain
Tamago Utsugi is a third year at Koshigaya Girls' High School and is president of the mahjong club.


Tamago has medium length strawberry blonde hair that is wild and unkempt and blue eyes. She wears the standard Koshigaya Girls' uniform. In the manga, her eyes are constantly moving up and down. However they are normal in the anime.


National Tournament Arc

Tamago's match in the national tournament is only briefly shown. In her match, she was soundly beaten and gave up the most points, dropping her team to last place. Koshigaya did not advance to the next round.

Final Eight Arc

Tamago and her team were also seen after the vanguards' match at the side B semi-finals.