The seeds have grown to fully blossomed trees. Harvest Time!

—Takami Shibuya

Takami Shibuya
Takami Shibuya
Personal info
Japanese name: 渋谷 尭深
Birthday: July 23
School: Shiraitodai High School
Grade: Second-year high school
Debut: Saki, round 56
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi
Live-action actor: RaMu
Position: Lieutenant
Style: Quick wins when dealer
Main skill/ability: Harvest in the last round

Takami Shibuya is a second year at Shiraitodai High School. She is always shown drinking tea. This is her first year with the team.


Takami has short dark brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. She wears the standard Shiraitodai uniform and is always seen drinking with her traditional Japanese teacup.


Takami rarely shows any emotion or talks to her teammates. But even so she constantly seen smiling

Playing Style / Abilities

Takami's ability is visualized as "planting seeds and gathering the harvest". The seeds are her first discard in every hand before the last. The harvest is these tiles forming her starting hand in the south 4th round. This means that she will get to choose at least 7 tiles, and each dealer repeat increases the count by one. Takami uses this power to aim for a yakuman hand, often succeeding. When she is dealer, she attempts to win quickly. No records of Takami as the last dealer exist; Sera Eguchi speculated that her dealer repeat hands could be yakuman as well.


Combined Training Camp Arc

Takami was shown after Awai Oohoshi advanced her team to the national tournament.

National Tournament Arc

Takami's second round match was briefly shown as the players from Kiyosumi and Kazekoshi watched on television.

Final Eight Arc

Saki Achiga-hen - Chapter 14 - 59 en

Takami in her planted forest, ready to harvest the fruits.

Takami is shown with the rest of her teammates entering the playing hall before the final eight competition begins. After Teru Miyanaga comes back from her match with sweets, she says that she has poured the tea for them. She investigates Sumire Hirose's match to confirm if she has any telling signs giving away her ability.

In her match, Takami ends up losing a large amount of points due to the wins of Sera Eguchi and Ako Atarashi. Although Harue Akado had noticed her ability and informed Ako, multiple dealer repeats happen in the second hanchan, which allow Takami to plant the seeds for a near-complete Daisangen for the last round. She later hits the yakuman to finish the match.

She then appears in a flashback of Seiko Matano's about her opponent from Shindouji. Takami later appears watching Seiko's match and drinking her tea. Later she is surprised to see Himeko Tsuruta beat Awai's ability. When Teru says they're fine this round, she wonders if they really are. Later in the match, when Awai gets serious, she reminds everyone that she got serious during the east final round of the prefectuals. Seiko said the reason she got serious then was because she didn't want to lose in points to Takami. When Seiko mentions she beat Awai's double riichi before, Takami asked her if she really did and when Teru wonders why Awai couldn't complete her hand, Takami suggests that she let it go. She is last seen when Awai burts into the waiting room and apologizes for getting second place.

When asked if she can handle the lieutenants in the side B semi's, Takami says she doesn't know but if she went for a sangenpai then maybe.

National Championship Arc

Takami passes by and notices that Teru and Awai are playing in the dark. Watching the vanguard match, she tells Awai that Teru loosing so many points in the East 1 round is a first.