Tae Kurachi
Tae 1
Personal info
Location: Osaka
Grade: Fifth-year elementary school
Debut: Toki, Chapter 5

Tae Kurachi is a classmate of Toki Onjouji during her elementary school days. She is the younger twin sister to Chie Kurachi



Playing Style/ Abilities


Introduction Arc (Toki manga)

Tae was suppose to escort the president to the big match but she wondered off. When she finally catches up the president hits her on the head and says the school is too big and for her to be quit because they're in the middle of the match. Tae then asks everyone to forgive the president. Throughout the match she continues to talk with the president. She notices Toki and Ryuuka's skill level and told the president that she had no idea Ryuuka was that good.

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