Syunto Sudou
Personal info
Japanese name: 周藤 瞬斗
Gender: male
Birthday: June 26
Faction: Sudou's Pawn Shop
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 1

Syunto Sudou is the owner of a pawn shop and friends with Kousuke Shiratsuki.


Syunto has short dark hair and dark eyes with glasses.



Introduction Arc

When Kousuke walk into his pawn shop, Syunto immediately calls him Richardson and says that Kousuke is a boring name. After he is handed a mahjong set, he says that it probably won't sell much and has a tile missing. Sudou then hears of Kousuke's neice and asks to get hooked up with her before being told she was in elementary school. He is also shocked to find out that it is Nana's kid and wonders why it couldn't have been him to marry her.

Children's Tournament Arc

He begins to welcome a customer only to find out its Kousuke who wants to know if he had seen his niece. Syunto then asks if he thinks a elementary school kid would go to a pawn shop. Before Kousuke departs he gives Syunto the drink intended for his niece. He says that was nice but spits it out immediately and asks if he was trying to poison him.

Idol Arc

He appears along with Kousuke to greet Shino and her friends and tells her that he can see the resemblance with Nana. Shino then confuses him as the guy who stole her mahjong set.

Yue's Arc

He appears at the 12th annual Matsue Children's Mahjong Tournament with Kouskuke.

Girls of Yumachi Arc

After noticing Shino doesn't have a bicycle, he calls Syunto to order one. When he says he doesn't have one, he buys her a new one. While thanking each other, Syunto thinks to himself that they are weird.

City Tournament Arc

He decides to accompany Kousuke to the matches. When Syunto comes back with drinks, Kousuke tells him of how the vanguard match ended. When Kanna Ishitobi passes by he says that she is Shino's friend but it's hard to say anything to her at the moment.

After arriving home from school, Shino finds her uncle and Syunto in the kitchen. She figures out that they are making ramen because that's the only thing he can do better than Shino. They then begin eating the meal and Shino admits defeat. Syunto says that that is the first one he has one and was on a losing streak. They then watch television until Syunto decides to leave.

Shimane Tournament Arc

He is running with Kousuke saying they overslept and even took the wrong road to get to the tournament hall. Later he is seen laughing at Kousuke shouting his niece's name at two onlookers.

Back at the house, he offers support for Kousuke when he shows Shino some of the old pictures the agency found of her.


  • According to Ritz, Syunto likes younger women.