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It's not because I look down on you. It's because I'm wary.

—Sumire Hirose, to Izumi Nijou

Sumire Hirose
Personal info
Japanese name: 弘世 菫
Nickname: The Sharpshooter
Birthday: April 25
School: Shiraitodai High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki, round 56
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga
Position: Sergeant
Style: -
Main skill/ability: Getting a direct hit on targeted person

Sumire Hirose is a third year at Shiraitodai High and president of the mahjong club. She is a friend of Teru and the only person known to Teru who seems to have had prior knowledge of Saki's existence.


Sumire has indigo blue eyes and long Hime cut purplish blue hair. Like others of her team mates, she is constantly seen wearing her school seifuku (school uniform).


Like her nickname "the Sharpshooter", she is calm and polite to her friends and opponents. She never rushes to make her decision and always calmly thinks about it throughly. Sumire shown worry about Teru Miyanaga's behaviour regarding her little sister, Saki, although Teru never wants to pursue the subject.

Playing Style / Abilities

Sumire's ability is called "Piercing arrow shots". It allows her to get a direct hit on a player of her choice by changing her hand to target a certain discard. It targets what would be the best offensive play, and can be dodged by making defensive or plain bad play. Unfortunately, the ability has a tell: when she's about to use it, Sumire's hand moves a bit and she looks at the player she is aiming at. However, the hand movement is so slight (only moving a few millimetres back) that her own team mates didn't know about it until Yuu Matsumi seemingly effortlessly dodged her piercing shots.


Combined Training Camp Arc

Sumire is shown after Awai Oohoshi advanced her team to the national tournament. She suggest that Teru should look at least a bit happy after her team won. Sumire presses Teru on the issue of the Nagano qualifier won by Saki Miyanaga, but receives only denial.

Final Eight Arc


Sumire taking aim

Sumire appears along with Teru Miyanaga at a press conference. After letting Teru answer a question to end the conference, Sumire says that her salesman smile is cruel and too different from how she usually is. She is later shown with the rest of her teammates entering the playing hall before the final eight competition begins.

After the match begins, Shindouji's Yoshiko Yasukouchi's wins the initial rounds. Sumire then wonders about the change in her playstyle. She then starts using her arrow shots, targeting the second-place Senriyama. Sumire explains that Shiraitodai would rather gather intel on all their opponents than end the match prematurely. Her next target is Achiga's Yuu Matsumi. However, Yuu knows the tell to Sumire's ability, and is able to dodge both attempts, hitting Sumire with a large hand. After Yoshiko wins another weak hand, Sumire thinks that her play is much better even without abilities and that she is getting upset, and goes on to win the next hand.

After the match, Sumire tells Izumi Nijou that they have already thanked each other for the match and she repeated it. She also was quite confused when Izumi told her it was a joke. In the lieutenants battle she tells Awai that she is in fact a "newbie first year" when she insulted them and called her an idiot when she retorted.

During the vice-captains match she and Teru explain Mairu Shirouzu and Himeko Tsuruta's conjoining ability. After Seiko deals into a hand, Sumire tells the others that she relies too much on suji and honors while playing safe. Usually its enough to win but she notes that she's up against some strong competition. During Awai's match, she explains her ability and says that only Takami Shibuya's special last round abiltiy can beat it although Himeko beat it during the second round. Sumire also mentions she thinks Shindouji's wins in the second round against her were coincedence. She is then shocked to see Himeko beat it again and says that Mairu and Himeko's ability surpasses Awai's and that they will have a problem during the east third round.

Later when Awai finally gets serious, she says it was a pity that she couldn't save it for the finals. She then wonders if this was the first time during an offical game but Teru and Takami tell her that it wasn't. Sumire then says that not many people will make that connection and Awai wouldn't lose anyway. After Himeko defeat Awai's double riichi, Sumire says its very surprising to find a high schooler besides Teru who could do that. When Seiko explains how she defeated Awai's double riichi, Sumire calls her despicable. When Awai burts into the waiting room and apologizes for getting second place, Sumire says that she also has work cut out for her and will fix her tell.

Sitting with most of her team watching the semi's, she asks Takimi if she can take the lieutenants and then tells Seiko that Awai went to get Teru.

National Championship Arc

While in her teams dressing room, she sees Teru looking distressed and stumble. She asks her what is wrong and Teru tells her that she meet her sister but couldn't think of anything to say. We then go to a flashback of when Teru first meet Sumire.

Sumire sees that Teru is lost in her book and decides to talk to her. She gets Teru to follow her to the gym. A while later Teru is sitting reading once more and Sumire comes up to talk with her. She gives her a chilling glare until she realizes it was the kind girl from the other day. She tells Sumire that she is reading and that she thought Sumire would do the new student greetings but was wrong about that. During the conversation she learns that Sumire is a scholarship student for mahjong and that the school is good at it. They are interrupted by Reika Kaise the club manager. Reika and Sumire then inform Teru of Shiraitodai's team rules. Teru then proposes on having a match with the members that she chooses.

Reika agrees and Teru goes about selecting members to her team with Sumire being a member. After the team wins, Sumire and Reika try to convince Teru to join the mahjong team. She then walks out and Sumire runs after her. They begin talking about the +- zero girl and Teru's ability to read people. They are then interrupted by Sumire fan girls. After she deals with them, Sumire brings back bags full of snacks and offers Teru some. Sometime later in the cafeteria, Sumire tries to give Teru a reason to join the mahjong club such as free dorms, a reading space, and pancakes.


  • According to Ritz's blog, Sumire is good at archery.

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