Shiori Unozawa
Shiori Unozawa
Personal info
School: Shiraitodai High School
Grade: Alumna (2nd year during Teru's 1st year in high school)
Debut: Saki, round 169
Position: Sergeant

Shiori Unozawa was a second year student at Shiraitodai High School during Teru Miyanaga's first year.



Playing Style / Abilities

Thanks to Teru's instructions she begins to call more tiles.


National Tournament Arc

Shiori first appears during a flashback of Teru's. While being invited to join the improvised team, she tells the girls that she is really weak but joins anyway. During her match she remembers Teru's instructions and defeats her opponent. Her team ends up winning the match.

After Teru walk out, Reika says that they must be close. However the girls tell her that they aren't and that it was simple advice that allowed them to win. Sometime later in the cafeteria, Shiori and the others seek out Teru and request something of her. They ask her to help coach the other girls because they can't be satisfied if they get chosen to represent the school that way.

Later, it is revealed all the girls have gotten stronger thanks to Teru but the original girls remain very strong. Shiori is playing with Natsuki but is quickly hit with a ron. She is then given advice from Teru and Natsuki. When Teru and Sumire sit down to play, the other girls in the club were very hesitant and afraid to lose. Rune sits down at the table and says such defeats are essential. Shiori then volunteers to be the fourth player. When the table is complete they begin the match and Teru busts all three players.

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