Sakurako Ootaki
Personal info
Japanese name: 大滝 桜子
Birthday: March 11
School: East Chikuma High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki, episode 6
Position: Lieutenant

Sakurako Ootaki is a third-year student at East Chikuma High School in Nagano Prefecture.


Sakurako has medium length black hair and wears the standard East Chikuma uniform.


Prefectural Tournament Arc

Sakurako plays the position of lieutenant for East Chikuma High School at the Nagano Prefecture qualification tournament.

Individual Tournament Arc *Anime Only*

In the TV release, she ranks 25th at the end of the first day of the prefecture's individual qualification tournament. This was changed to Hitomi Munesue in the DVD version.

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