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Saki Shinohayu the Dawn of Age Saki Biyori
Saki v01 front Chapter 163 Shinohayu Volume1 Chapter 36 Biyori v1 BG chapter 56, 57
5 August 2016 25 August 2016 25 August 2016
Chapter 164 Chapter 37 BG chapter 58
2 September 2016 24 September 2016 24 September 2016
Volume 15 Volume 6 Volume 5
25 March 2016 25 March 2016 25 March 2016
Saki Saki Zenkoku-hen Saki Achiga-hen
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  • August 30, 2016 − Yenpress releases the english translation of the fifth volume of the Saki manga in a digital version only.
  • August 19, 2016 − Issue 17/2016 of the Young Gangan magazine informs that the next issue, which will be released September 2, will contain an important announcement for the Saki manga.
  • August 8−August 28, 2016 − The 9th Saki-CUP takes place, an online mahjong tournament with the participation of some of the voice actors from the anime series: Kana Ueda (Saki Miyanaga), Ami Koshimizu (Nodoka Haramura), Aoi Yūki (Shizuno Takakamo), Chinatsu Akasaki (Tomoe Karijuku), Haruka Yoshimura (Yuuko Mase), Satsumi Matsuda (Hiroe Atago), Arisa Date (Suzu Ueshige), Juri Nagatsuma (Shiromi Kosegawa). Link: [1].
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Sawaya Shishihara is a third year student at Usuzan High School. It is her plan to make Yukiko Maya into an idol that will surpass Hayari Mizuhara.

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