This will be the Saki: Zenkoku-hen episodes main page. Probably mainly made up of a table that includes the episode number, episode name and link to the episode article, air date, and a brief summary. The same can be accomplished for now with a list. A navigation template will likely be at bottom of the page. The episode articles will still include an infobox and a navagation template.

Episode 1, To Tokyo, summary

Episode 2, Support, summary

Episode 3, Start, summary

Episode 4, East Wind, summary

Episode 5, Gods and Demons, summary

Episode 6, Withering, summary

Episode 7, Attention, summary

Episode 8, Fortress, summary

Episode 9, Sortie, summary

Episode 10, Friends, summary

Episode 11, Threat, summary

Episode 12, Truth, summary

Episode 13, Old Friends, summary

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