Ritz: The Nationals is a oneshot manga by Hideki Ohwada (The Legend of Koizumi) and sequel to his previously released oneshots.

In 2008, Yokoyama surprises Ritz by telling her that Saki is getting an anime. He then says that sales will skyrocket and she might want to get a better apartment. Ritz muses on this and says that if she lets this happen she will be one step closer to finding her father. At the meeting with Square Enix, they inform her that the anime will be two cours and 25 episodes. They then tell her that they will begin broadcast in the spring of 2009. Ritz then says if that's the case it'll catch up to the manga and she isn't sure that she'll have the prefectural qualifiers done by then. Manabu Ono appears and tells her to just draw it and wrap up the qualifiers along with her manga. And that if she can't do it then the anime will not happen. Ritz then says that she'll do it and that storyboards would be fine.

After the anime finished broadcast, Manabu meets with Tsujino and tells him that she did it and that his plan has backfired. Tsujino tells him that he has planned for that and in the second season make sure she draws exclusive content and have her write them as well. Manabu then asks him if he truly plans on destroying her but he doesn't answer. Manabu then leaves and tells him that he'll keep in touch.

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