Ritz sideA
Ritz: episode of side A is a oneshot manga by Hideki Ohwada (The Legend of Koizumi) and sequel to his previously released oneshot Ritz. Ritz is in Yoshino with her manager (where Achiga was based) to look for clues to her missing father. While running, a mysterious figure hiding in the bushes trips Ritz Kobayashi causing her to injure herself. After being operated on, Ritz awkens in the hospital. When she tries to move her manager tells her that her arm was smashed to pieces during the incident and says that if she can't move her arm she has no hope as a manga artist. In a panic, Ritz grabs her arm and crunches it forward. With a sadistic smile she then says that she can still draw manga.

Back in Tsujino's office, the culprit Shigekane brags about how Ritz's arm is dust now and won't be able to draw like she use to. When a henchman hands Tsujino the latest issue of Young Gagan, Shigekane asks how is it. Tsujino then hands him the magazine and he is stunned to see that Ritz's art is even better than before she was injured. Tsujino then "fires" Shigekane and says to himself that she has gotten one step closer.

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