is a oneshot manga by Hideki Ohwada (The Legend of Koizumi). Here Ritz Kobayashi is summoned to meet with Kindai Mahjong editor-in-chief Isao Tsujino in his office. Ritz is escorted by her manager Yokoyama, who tries to talk with Tsujino but is harshly told to shut up. Tsujino then explains to Ritz the nature of the manga buisness and tells her that she is steping on his turf. They are interupted by Tsujino's underlings whom are told to dump a mangaka's body because she missed a deadline. Yokoyama realizes that they are criminals and tells Tsujino that he will make Ritz stop publishing her manga.

Tsujino then asks her why she draws a mahjong manga and she holds out a mahjong tile with Saki Miyanaga's face on it. She tells him that it was a gift from her father who left before she was born and she draws her manga with that character in hopes of meeting her father. Tsujino says that a different story and allows her to keep working on her manga. Outside she and her manager wonder why he gave in so easily. Back in the office, Tsujino holds out an identical mahjong tile to that of Ritz's.

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