Intense battle
Ritsuhayu: the dawn of age is a oneshot manga by Hideki Ohwada (The Legend of Koizumi) and is a sequel to his previously released oneshots. Ritz travels to Mt. Hyono with Saya to recruit a manga artist. Suddenly Aguri appears with her pet raccoon Leonardo and scares Saya. Ritz then asks her to draw a manga for her that only she can draw. Aguri asks for introductions and yells at Saya when she tries to introduce herself. Ritz tell Saya to stay back and that a discussion between artists doesn't need words. With a thick aura around them, Ritz abruptly pulls out a design sketch, stopping Aguri in her tracks. While examining the sketch, she notes that it looks so alive and not the work of your everday manga artist. Aguri then decides to hear them out.

Back in Tsujino's office, his underlings are surprised that Aguri agreed to work on the new Saki spinoff and asks Tsujino what are they going to do. He turns to them and tells them that they'll have to kill the spinoff artists as well as Ritz. One of the underlings is shocked because he thought he saw Tsujino smile and tells his friend. Tsujino then tells them to shut up and get to work.

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