Rio Yomura
Rio Yamura
Personal info
Japanese name: 余村 里生
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Manbara Middle School
Grade: 2nd year (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 31 (named in Chapter 35)

Rio Yomura is a second year student of Manbara Middle School and member of their mahjong team.


Rio is 137 cm tall during her second year in middle school. She has short violet hair parted in the middle and violet eyes. She wears glasses.


Playing Style / Abilities

Largely not shown. In the few hands we see, it's easy to gleam that she is a simple player - her only win is a pinfu, iipeikou, 1 dora. Unfortunately for her, she was no match for Kyouka, and was easily defeated, even after Kyouka invited her in to battle.


City Tournament Arc

Rio is the captain of Manbara Middle School's mahjong team. At the beginning of the city tournament she greets the victorious vanguard Yue Hondou and wishes luck to their next player, the sergeant Chiharu Sunaguchi. In her captain match Rio plays against Airi Ogusa, Yuzuki Chiyonobu, and Kyouka Inamura.

Kyouka draws first blood, and invites Rio to join the fray, as Kyouka only needs to maintain first rather than close the deficit with Manbara. Rio quickly wins the next hand, but has a hard time with Kyouka's vertical style of playing mahjong, and plays into her hand.

In the second-to-last hand, Rio believes that Airi is sitting on a DaiSanGen tenpai when Yuzuki declares riichi on what is likely a bamboo-chinitsu, but pushes forward anyways, deciding that her own path to tenpai will not cause her to deal in to either hand, and hopes that Kyouka will instead play into their hands, allowing Manbara to win it.

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