Reika Kaise
Reika 1
Personal info
Japanese name: 貝瀬 麗香
School: Shiraitodai High School
Debut: Saki, round 168
Position: director

Reika Kaise is the director of the mahjong club of Shiraitodai High School in West Tokyo.


Reika has black eyes and black shoulder-length hair tied in two braids. Two x-shaped hairpins fix them in place.


Reika is very easy going, and will do anything to further her clubs success, even allowing Teru free reign of picking low level club members to beat top-tier club members. Although she pushed for Sumire to hurry up and pick a team, she was never forceful about it.


National Tournament Arc

Reika Kaise is present during one of the first meetings between Teru Miyanaga and Sumire Hirose. They are interrupted by Reika during a conversation about the mahjong. Reika and Sumire then inform Teru of Shiraitodai's team rules. Teru then proposes on having a match with the members that she chooses.

Reika agrees and Teru goes about selecting members to her team. The team ends up defeating the other despite having low ranking members. After the match, Teru excuses herself and tries to walk away. Reika offers her a spot on the team but Teru says that she doesn't like mahjong that much. As Teru walks away, she says that Teru proved that a team full of friends can be stronger than a normal team. However, the other girls said that they aren't close and that it was just simple advice that made them win.

The girls convince Teru to coach the rest of the girls up but according to Reika, the girls she originally picked remain very strong players.

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