Nozomi Atarashi
Nozomi 2
Personal info
Japanese name: 新子 望
Birthday: March 14
Family: Ako Atarashi (sister)
School: Achiga Girls' Academy
Grade: alumnae
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 2
Voiced by: Rio Natsuki
Live-action actor: Anna Yano

Nozomi Atarashi is Ako Atarashi's older sister, a previous member of the Achiga Girls' Academy's mahjong team, and a former teammate of Harue Akado.


She has short brown hair and brown eyes. In most of her appearances she wears a white shirt.


Nozomi has shown to be supportive around her friends and sister. She easily gets along with her sister's friend, Hatsuse Okahashi, when she visits, conversing with her as if they were friends for a long time.


Introduction Arc

Nozomi suggested Harue start a mahjong class so as to rehabilitate her because she couldn't get over their loss in the national tournament.

In Arata Sagimori's flashback she and Harue appear after being defeated.

She picks up Harue from the aerial tramway when she finally comes back to Achiga. She drives her to the school, where she finds that the mahjong club has been restarted.

National tournament Arc

She appears again during the national team tournament's second round. Here she was working but is let off to watch her sister play. The anime extends this scene. Before going to watch Ako, she greets Hatsuse Okahashi at the door. While watching Ako play, they have a conversation about how Ako and how she has improved. Nozomi then tells her that she bets she thinks that she will be there next year and Hatsuse agrees with her. After Hatsuse tells her surprisingly that Ako can talk to Sera Eguchi casually, she says that Ako can talk to anyone casual.