Nanami Fujishiro
Personal info
Japanese name: 藤白七実
Location: Osaka Prefecture
School: Senriyama Girls' High School
Grade: Alumnae
Debut: Achiga hen anime, Episode 12; Saki, round 156 (mentions)

Nanami Fujishiro is a former member of the Senriyama mahjong team.



Playing Style / Abilities

Not much is known about her abilities but Yoshiko Kainou said that she weakened Teru Miyanaga before they played. This coupled with her having the highest ranking[1] in the prestigious mahjong club at Senriyama, suggest she is highly skilled.


National Championship Arc

Nanami is mentioned by Yoshiko when she tells Hayari Mizuhara that she defeated Teru once.


  • Nanami had a ranking of 2629 in her third year. This is 315 points higher than the second place individual.


  1. In the Achiga-hen anime, Episode 12, about 2 minutes into the episode Sera is scrolling through a list of names on a tablet

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