Nana Shiratsuki
Nana sm
Personal info
Japanese name: 白築 ナナ
Birthday: February 3
Family: Shino Shiratsuki (daughter)

Kousuke Shiratsuki (brother)

Status: Missing
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 1

Nana Shiratsuki is the mother of Shino Shiratsuki and sister to Kousuke. In later chapters, it is learned that she was a very high-class hostess in a high class establishment. She is currently missing.


Nana has long light blue hair and blue eyes.



Introduction Arc

She is first introduced warning her brother not to let Shino try to eat a mahjong tile. When he says that she won't let go of his finger, she teases him by saying that like herself, Shino cannot tell good men from bad men. A few years later, we see her laying on the couch when Shino comes home. She says that Kousuke had texted her but didn't bother to check it. Later they all play a game of three person mahjong and enjoy themselves. The next day she goes missing.

Idol Arc

She is seen making a cameo in Hayari's flashback along with her daughter.

Yue's Arc

It was discovered that she use to be a very high class hostess and that she lived in Ginzo before Yokohama. However, every six months, a game of mahjong takes place where she worked, hinting that this may be the cause of her disappearance.

Children's National Tournament Arc

There was a rumor going around that when Niemann visited two years ago, she lost in an informal match to a local. The Editor-in-Chief's contacts think that the person who defeated her was Nana. She appeared during the final round of the tournament to watch a bit of Shino's match. She hands Chiyoko Takahashi a fan letter to give to Shino.

End of Summer Arc

Nana is seen running through a hallway and stops to ask Lotta if she can go outside again because she is hungry. She is told no and to finish packing.

Shimane Tournament Arc

Nana appears in a Shino flashback. Nana gives her the important advice of when you don't know what to do, take a step back and look around you. Shino then questions how to do that in mahjong. She says to look beyond the table, observe the mood of the players. Nana then tries to explain it more but mentions there is ice-cream cake in the freezer causing Shino to run off.

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