Mitsuki Mizuhara
Personal info
Japanese name: 瑞原 美月
Birthday: February 8
Family: Mizuhara (mother-in-law)

Hayari Mizuhara (daughter)

Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 10

Mitsuki Mizuhara is the mother of Hayari Mizuhara and runs a family owned bakery.



She is very trusting of her daughter and likes to make puns.


Idol Arc

While having dinner, she tells Hayari that a letter came for her but she was worried so she opened it. She then asks her if that is from her friend Mafuka Kasugai. Hayari then asks if she can go to Mafuka's concert but Mrs. Mizuhara says that its almost time and so far away that she might want to give it another thought. However she then says that she'll pay for the trip and that its actually in Yokohama and then tells her to go forth. On the day of Hayari's departure, she asks if she had forgotten anything and waves goodbye to her daughter. Suddenly Takahashi appears and Mrs. Mizuhara apologizes for asking her to follow her daughter and then thanks her.

She is later seen greeting her daughter when she returns from her trip. After listening to her daughter, she says that she wished she could've gone with her and that she had prepared a bath for her. The next day she calls Hayari down to watch the counter but secretly had Mafuka waiting for her. After one of her daughters concerts, she listens to Hayari say how she wants to be the tile girl and how she wants to win the national students tournament. Mitsuki then points out that if she wants to be the tile girl, she can't be too sexy. When Hayari then starts worring about her breasts coming in, she makes a boob joke.

Yue's Arc

She makes a small appearance with Mafuka's manager and her daughter at the national elementary championships.

Girls of Yumachi Arc

Mitsuki and her daughter greet their guests at the door when they come to play. While having dinner with the girls, she gets along well with Kanna Ishitobi.

Entering Middle School Arc

She is seen making chocolates for her part time workers when Hayari comes home.

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