Mei Munakata
Mei m2
Personal info
Japanese name: 宗像 芽依
Birthday: October 26
Location: Fukushima Prefecture
School: Asaka Elementary School
Grade: 6th year elementary school (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 21

Mei Munakata is the winner of the Fukushima prefectural tournament during her 5th year at Asaka Elementary School.


Mei has her blonde hair tied into pig tails with flowery hair bows and light green eyes. She wears a stripped dress.


Judging from her match, she seems to be a faint hearted individual.

Playing Style / Abilities


Children's National Tournament Arc

She arrives late at the beginning of her match saying she got lost. Wakana Yonamine yells at her and then throws a tile at her. However the tile was caught by Shino Shiratsuki and the girl yells at Wakana for being mean. Throughout the match Wakana was constantly yelling at Mei causing the girl to be frazzled and make mistakes. She is in awe when Shino is unfazed and ends up defeating Wakana.

After the match she thanks everyone and when Wakana says something rude, Mei scolds her. She is later shown watching Shino's next match and rooting for the girl.

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