Megumi Kamigaki
Megumi 2
Personal info
Japanese name: 上柿 恵
Birthday: April 9
School: East Chikuma High School
Grade: First-year high school
Debut: Saki, round 9
Voiced by: Kotomi Yamakawa
Position: Vice-Captain

Megumi Kamigaki is a first year at East Chikuma High School.


She has short brown hair and brown eyes. Megumi wears the standard East Chikuma High School school uniform.


Prefectural Tournament Arc

In the first round match of the prefectural tournament, she says that she will play her way and then let her captain take care of the rest. However, when Nodoka Haramura wins off of her, she loses her indifferent attitude but is unable to make a comeback. Despite her being only shown briefly, Megumi has become immensely popular with fans.