Masae Atago
Masae Atago
Personal info
Japanese name: 愛宕 雅枝
Birthday: July 11
Family: Hiroe Atago (daughter)

Kinue Atago (daughter)

Hiroko Funakubo (niece)

School: Senriyama Girls' High School
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 12
Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa
Position: Coach

Masae Atago is the coach of the Senriyama Girls' High School. She is the aunt of team member Hiroko Funakubo, and the mother of Hiroe Atago and Kinue Atago who go to Himematsu High School. She became 41 years old before the start of the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships.


She has long greyish hair and brown eyes. Masae tends to wears a blue business suit with a white dress shirt.


Masae is strict and serious but a very good coach of the Senriyama mahjong team. She is starting socializing with her students.


National Tournament Arc

Days before Senriyama's matches, she sends video's of their opponents matches to Hiroko.

Final Eight Arc

She later appears in a Toki Onjouji flashback. Here she was selecting people for the regional tournament and wished that the first years to be proactive during their practice matches. During Izumi' Nijou's match, she recalls Masae's declaration of Senriyama's goal. She appears in the Senriyama waiting room during Hiroko's match. Masae asks Sera Eguchi to visit Toki but she declines because she wants someone to be there when Hiroko gets back. She notices that FunaQ is playing well and says that its good because she doesn't want rumors that she put her on the team just because she's her niece. When Hiroko comes back from her match Masae and Sera greet her. Later in the captains match, she listens to Hiroko explain Awai Oohoshi's ability but after a while she notices nothing has happened. Masae then asks if Awai's prefered attack is the double riichi. When this is confirmed she says that before she calls a kan everthing is safe and it would be good if someone could get her before she gets them. After futher examination Masae and Hiroko notice Awai abilities has to do with the dead wall and the corners. She along with her niece then start to deduce Shizuno Takakamo's abilties. After the loss she is seen comforting Hiroko.

National Championship Arc

During the vanguard match, Suzu Ueshige was able to beat Toki's future vision during a few turns. Masae says this was because she hesitated and is some sort of countermeasure against it.


  • Masae has a younger sister, who is Hiroko's mother.
  • Masae is married, but did not change her name.

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