Manami Moriai
Manami ani
Personal info
Japanese name: 森合 愛美
Birthday: October 6
School: Urabandai High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 4
Voiced by: Sayuri Hara
Position: Vanguard
Style: -
Main skill/ability: -

Manami Moriai is a third-year student at Urabandai High School in Fukushima Prefecture.


Manami has short blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears the standard Urabandai High School uniform. Her most notable feature is her lightning shaped eyebrows.


Manami is a skiing enthusiast.


National Tournament Arc

At the 71st Inter High, Manami is the vanguard of Urabandai High School. Her opponents in the first round of the tournament are Kuro Matsumi of Achiga Girls' Academy, Nagi Shinmen of Sanomo High School, and Yuzuki Terasaki of Imizu Integrated High School. She is the first player to give up a tile that completes Kuro's hand during the match.