Manaha Omura
Personal info
Japanese name: 小村 真葉
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Manbara Middle School
Grade: 2nd year (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 31 (named in Chapter 34)

Manaha Omura is a second year student of Manbara Middle School and member of their mahjong team.


Manaha is 143 cm tall, has shoulder length orange hair and green eyes. She usually wears a cap.


Manaha appears to like to get her words in, as she said she should've been more careful while discarding the dora, "whatever." Later, she asks Shizuku if she's making the right decision and ending the match only after taking first place, as she was on a roll and could take more points, making a bigger dent in the gap to Manbara.

Playing Style / Abilities

While Manaha did not win as many wins as Tamaki and Karen during the Vice-Captain's match, Manaha typically won high-valued hands, allowing her to quickly change her placement. However, she also played into the highest value hand of the match as she was not careful and discarded a dora.


City Tournament Arc

Manaha is the vice-captain of Manbara Middle School's mahjong team and plays against Tamaki Tsuchie, Karen Yasube, and Shizuku Nozu. Manaha, Karen, and Tamaki, exchange wins throughout the match, with Karen staying in the lead until Manaha manages to overtake her with a mangan tsumo. Subsequently, Shizuku wins three times in her dealership, allowing her to overtake first and end the match, allowing Yumachi to take first one more time.

Shizuku worries about getting the yakitori penalty, and shouts "NO WAY" at her opponents, freaking them out. Manaha asks if that was psychological warfare, and Shizuku replies that it was not. Shizuku calls and wins a quick kuitan. Shizuku then wins directly off of Manaha, putting Manbara last and Yumachi second, below Oonoze. Manaha says she should've been more careful, especially since it was the dora, but moves on.

Shizuku ends the last hand quickly, and then decides to cut it off there with Yumachi in first place. Manaha asks if that was such a wise decision, stating that the point gap is still very large. Shizuku retorts that her Captain only has to win the round, then the point difference won't matter.

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