Mafu Manager
Personal info
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 8

She is the manager and close friend of Mafuka Kasugai.


She has medium length dark hair and dark eyes.



Idol Arc

She is first seen rushing up to Mafuka after she had saved Hayari Mizuhara from a bully. She then tells Mafuka not to run off and that they need to go.

Later she is spotted by Hayari in the hospital visiting Mafuka. After a few days in the hospital she infomrs Mafuka that she has rented out a nearby appartment so she can put her things. She also notices Hayari's baked goods and chides Mafuka for not saving her some. She is last seen talking to the doctors with a worried look on her face.

On the day of Mafuka's concert, she picks Hayari up outside of the hall and notices Takahashi following her before taking the girl to see Mafuka. Before Mafuka can eat the snacks Hayari bought her, she stops her and tells her to wait till after the concert.

In the present, she is shown to be Hayari's manager.

Yue's Arc

She makes a small appearance with Hayari and her mother at the national elementary championships.

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