Lotta Niemann
Personal info
Japanese name: ニーマン
Debut: Shinohayu, chapter 20

Lotta Niemann is a professional mahjong player. She was the reigning world champion 18 years before the events of the main Saki story. She probably originates from Germany or the surrounding countries.


In the memory of her from two years ago, she has very long hair which separates into several strands that fan out to her sides. Two smaller ones fan out at eye level, and another two at chin level. Two large strands fan at shoulder level, and four large ones at hip level.

In her more recent appearance, her hair only reaches a bit below her shoulders, with two strands slightly fanning out. She wears a sleeveless button-up top and trousers with a belt.


Playing Style / Abilities

To be the world champion, Nieman would have to be very skilled or have powerful abilities. The word "Schadenzauber", German for Maleficium or Evil Magic, appears in the picture of her, suggesting she has a supernatural ability. Takako Kubo suggested that Niemann might be immune to Momoko Touyoko's stealth ability.


Children's National Tournament Arc


Niemann as remembered by Kousuke

Niemann is mentioned to Kousuke Shiratsuki by his Editor-in-Chief. The editor's detectives had uncovered information suggesting that during her visit to Japan two years ago, she had lost an informal match, possibly even to Nana Shiratsuki.

End of Summer Arc


Niemann with Nana

Nana runs towards her and asks if she can go out again because she is hungry. Lotta tells her no because the plane will be there soon and she can eat something aboard. To stop the conversation, she asks if Nana is done packing yet. Evelyn appears and asks if it was bad to give Nana free time but she says her magic isn't that weak. Evelyn then asks what if she was found by someone she knew. Lotta tells her that it'd be interesting and that she is a worrywart. When Evelyn expresses pity towards Nana, Lotta tells her that it is Nana's fault for being distracted during a game.

Combined Traing Camp Arc (Saki)

Niemann is mentioned by Kubo as she and Yasuko Fujita discuss strong Nagano players.

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