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Kazekoshi Girls' High School, located in Nagano Prefecture, is a regional rival of Kiyosumi High School in the Saki manga and its anime adaptation.


Kazekoshi is a known as a mahjong powerhouse in Nagano Prefecture, boasting a membership of more than 80 girls in its mahjong club. Kazekoshi's six-year winning streak in the prefecture qualifying tournament was snapped in the previous year by Ryuumonbuchi High School, and the two schools quickly became rivals.



Members of Kazekoshi's girls' team

Members of Kazekoshi's mahjong club are ranked through internal matches and in tournaments throughout the year. Only the top players can become a member of the tournament team, making for an intense competition.

The mahjong club is coached by Kazekoshi alumna Takako Kubo, whose methods are strict. Mihoko Fukuji serves as its leader, who is dubbed "Captain".


Girls' team tournament
Girls' individual tournament


Nagano Prefecture qualification

Main article: Nagano qualification for the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships


  • Kazekoshi is the only team in the Nagano Finals to only have 1 player end with a positive score.
    • Shiraitodai and Usuzan would later join them as a teams where only one player had a positive score.
  • Despite Kazekoshi being the renown powerhouse of Nagano, they have not qualified for the national tournament 2 years in a row.
  • Kazekoshi is the only team with two players losing more than 40,000 points, with Seika Bundou and Kana Ikeda losing 49,000 and 45,500 points respectively.
    • For the some time, they were also the only school to have players that lost more than 20,000 points in a team tournament.

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