Kai Miyanaga
Mr.miyanaga ani
Personal info
Japanese name: 宮永 界
Birthday: June 10
Family: Teru Miyanaga (Daughter)

Saki Miyanaga (Daughter)

Debut: Saki, round 3
Voiced by: Onosaka Masaya
Live-action actor: Tomoharu Hasegawa
Kai Miyanaga is Saki Miyanaga and Teru Miyanaga's father.


Kai has short brown hair and brown eyes with glasses. He has a slight beard.


Introduction Arc

Mr. Miyanaga lives in Nagano Prefecture with Saki, while his wife lives in Tokyo with their older daughter Teru. Although the two live separately, they are not divorced. He continues to pay attention to Teru's mahjong by reading reports on her matches in Weekly Mahjong Today.

National Tournament Arc

Kai is shown watching the matches in his house.

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