Kaho Haramura (maiden name Noro)
Personal info
Japanese name: 原村 嘉帆 (野呂 嘉帆)
Birthday: January 25
Family: Nodoka Haramura (daughter)
Kei Haramura (husband)
Height: 154 cm (5'1")
Debut: Saki, round 156

Kaho Hanamura is the mother of Nodoka Haramura and the wife of Kei Haramura. She works as a public prosecutor and because of her work, the family often moves to a new prefecture every few years. Before settling in Nagano Prefecture, they previously lived in Nara Prefecture.


She has shoulder length dark pink hair, blue eyes, and very large breasts. She is 44 years old.


In contrast to her husband, Kaho Haramura is laid-back and cheerful. She doesn't believe Nodoka should be forced to move if she's unable to win the tournament, and would choose to where live based on the weather, showing that she's far less concerned with practical matters than Kei is.


National Championship Arc

She is late to the family reunion because she was stopped at the door due to her dress code and only got in thanks to a hostess remembering her face. She then congratulates her daughter for making it to the finals. Kei and Nodoka then recall the promise they made to each other, one that Kaho Haramura has not approved of and does not believe Nodoka should have been forced to make. She then says if she had the freedom to move she would go to Okinawa because the mild summers and the low pollen level.

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