Kaede Hiyomori
Kaede Hiyomori 1
Personal info
Japanese name: 比与森 楓
School: Shindouji Girls' High School
Debut: Saki, round 159
Position: manager

Kaede Hiyomori is the manager of the mahjong club of Shindouji Girls' High School in Fukuoka Prefecture.


Kaede has long wavy red hair and red eyes. She tends to wear an asymmetrical cut white dress with cap sleeves.



National Championship Arc

After Kirame Hanada questions her postion on the team, Kaede mentions not to call her manager and then asks if Kirame if she would suggest someone better. After Etsuko Sudayama chimes in, Kaede tells Kirame that she shouldn't think they made a mistake by choosing her. Yoshiko Yasukouchi then draws her attention elsewhere.

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