Ichita Naiki
Ichita ani2
Personal info
Japanese name: 内木 一太
Birthday: November 27
Faction: Student Congress
School: Kiyosumi High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki, episode 3
Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi

Ichita Naiki is a third year student at Kiyosumi High School and is Kiyosumi's student congress vice president.


Ichita has short black hair and blue eyes and wears glasses. He wears the standard Kiyosumi uniform; although he has been seen without the jacket as of recent.


According to Mako Someya, there are rumors that he is a lolicon, which is only furthered by him videoing Maho Yumeno and leaving out a portion of Hiroko Murohashi.


Introduction Arc

In the anime, he manages the congress while Hisa Takei is busy with the mahjong club. 

National Tournament Arc

Ichita sends Hisa a video during the nationals showing everyone rooting for Kiyosumi and arranges a live viewing of their matches.

Final Eight Arc

He is among the many watching the Kiyosumi mahjong team on the projector in the Kiyosumi gym during the semi-finals. In a flashback midway through the semi-finals, Hisa thinks of him, along with all her other friends.

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