Hitomi Ezaki
Personal info
Japanese name: 江崎 仁美
Birthday: November 2
School: Shindouji Girls' High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 7
Voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi
Live-action actor: Haruka Iwasaki
Position: Lieutenant

Hitomi Ezaki is a third year student at Shindouji Girls' High School.


She has short curly blond hair and brown eyes. She wears the standard Shindouji uniform without the black braces on the shirt, cross on the tie and the skirt on top of the shirt.


Hitomi is somewhat of a bitter loser. When she performs poorly, she is quick to deflect the blame on things such as bad politics. However, in her own way, she apologised for losing so many points and dropping Shindouji back to last in the semifinals by saying that she won some points in the quarterfinals.

Playing Style / Abilities

On the National stage, nothing about Hitomi stands out. However, it must be noted that she is the 3rd best player, behind Himeko and Mairu in Shindouji, the best school in northern Kyushu. She has a good grasp of the game, calling riichi while she was the dealer, forcing a draw, and calls riichi multiple times on big hands, although only winning a few. 


Final Eight Arc

She appears with the rest of her teammates entering the playing hall before the final eight competition begins. During the first two matches, she can be seen drinking and watching the matches.

At the beginning of her match, Sera Eguchi keeps winning big hands throughout the first half of the match. At halftime, Hitomi loses Shindouji's third place position and proceeds to blame it on the government. The second half of the match is a back and forth battle between Senriyama and Achiga until Takami Shibuya hits a yakuman to end the match. In the end, she loses the most points but mostly due to constant tsumo's from her opponents.

In the waiting hall, she blames bad politics once again before apologizing to Mairu Shirouzu. She is later seen watching the vice-captain match. When Sukoya Kokaji explains that Shindouji wanted to wanted to get as many completed hands for their ace is why they wanted Mairu at vice-captian, Hitomi is surprised because she wasn't aware of the reason. Later she is shown to be excited during the captains match. She is later seen attentively watching Himeko's match. After the loss, she is shown crying with her teammates in the waiting room.

National Championship Arc

Hitomi appears briefly with all of the other players in the Match for 5th before the vanguard match in the playing hall to wish each other good luck.

She takes her spot during the lieutenant match. After Sera wins a few hands, Hitomi and the other lieutenants collaborate to stop Sera. Hiroe calls several of Yuan's discards, stopping her from drawing, giving Hitomi enough draws to build a haneman and win off of Sera, stopping her dealer streak.

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