Hiroko Murohashi
Personal info
Japanese name: 室橋 裕子
Birthday: November 14
School: Takatoobara Middle School
Grade: Third-year middle school
Debut: Saki, round 28(unnamed)
Voiced by: Mai Toudou
Style: -
Main skill/ability: -
Hiroko Murohashi is a third year student at Takatoobara Junior High. She is best friends with Maho Yumeno and is the junior to Nodoka Haramura and Yuuki Kataoka.


Hiroko has dark hair and dark eyes. She wears the standard Takatoobara school uniform and is a bit on the tall side.


Hiroko Murohashi is usually shown in a friendly and respectful manner, However she can be a bit fierce when concerning her friend Maho and is quick to stand up for her.

Playing Style / Abilities



Prefectural Tounrament Arc

In the anime, Maho and Murohashi try to travel to the playing hall but have difficulty getting there. They manage to get there in time to watch Nodoka's match. Afterward they go visit Nodoka and Yuuki. When Yuuki then asks her why didn't she watch her match, Maho tells her that she slept in causing Yuuki to get mad and chase them. Murahashi is later seen with Maho commenting on the captains match. However in the manga she is not present.

Training Camp Arc

She and Maho are invited to the training camp by Hisa Takei. Together they have a match with Nodoka and Saki Miyanaga. When Nodoka reprimands Maho for not trying to get better, Murohashi defends Maho saying she has been trying her best.

National Tournament Arc

She is later seen with Maho watching the news after the second round is complete.

Final Eight Arc

Hiroko is seen with Maho viewing the semi-finals.