Himari Kanazawa
Personal info
Japanese name: 金沢 陽葵
Birthday: May 9
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Yumachi Elementary
Yumachi Middle School
Grade: 1st year middle school (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 1

Himari Kanazawa is a friend of Kanna Ishitobi in the Shinohayu the Dawn of Age series.


Himari has short blue-ish grey hair and dark eyes. She is usually shown in casual clothes.


According to her friends, Himari is very fond of television and film.


Defeat Arc

Himari supports Kanna during the 10th Matsue Children's Mahjong Tournament and is very excited when she makes the finals. After Kanna's defeat, she and Rena Mototsune try to comfort her but this causes her to curse and run away. Himari, along with the rest of Kanna Ishitobi's friends, is recruited to help Kanna defeat Hayari Mizuhara. When Kanna is defeated and again leaves in anger, Himari and the others are confused and thinks that she's taking things too serious. The next day, she and the others return to play with Kanna.

Introduction Arc

While playing a match with her friends, Shino Shiratsuki interupts them wanting to play as well. When Kanna refuses, Himari says that she isn't even in the same class as them and wonders if she is in the same year.

Children's Tournament Arc

When Shino is invited to play with them, Himari is one of her opponents. When she is able to win off of Kanna, she is surprised to see that it gets a positive reaction. Later, she informs Rena and the others that Kanna has been acting strange lately. After another game with the others, Kanna apologizes for the way she's been acting and they decide to go to her house later that evening. On the way there Himari is shown talking to the other girls about going to a festival the following week.

Idol Arc

Himari is shown with the others enjoying the festival.

Yue's Arc

She accompanies Rena to watch her friends play in the final match of the 12th annual Matsue Children's Mahjong Tournament. Some days after the tournament the girls decide to have a sleepover.

End of Summer Arc

During the school trip she hangs out Rena, Kyouka, Shino, and Kana. When nighttime roles around she is shown channel surfing because the tv has more channels than in Shimane. The girls couldn't get her away from the tv and decide to leave it to the teacher.

Entering Middle School Arc

It is mentioned that Himari gave chocolates to an idol for Valentines day. She entered Yumachi Middle School together with her friends, but not the mahjong club.

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