Hatsuse Okahashi
Hatsuse mg
Personal info
Japanese name: 岡橋 初瀬
Birthday: August 19
School: Bansei High School
Adamine Middle School
Grade: First-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 3
Voiced by: Minami Tsuda
Live-action actor: Mio Kudou
Position: Reserve

Hatsuse Okahashi is a first-year student at Bansei High School. She is a former member of Ada Middle School's mahjong club and was friends with Ako Atarashi. She was on the same level as Ako in middle school but cannot make the regulars for Bansei.


She has shoulder-length light brown hair and brown eyes. In most of her apperances she is wearing the standard Bansei High School uniform.


Playing Style / Abilities

Not shown. However she use to be on par with Ako during middle school, though she cannot make the bench at Bansei.


Preparation Arc

Hatsuse first appears with her friend Hyakka Kurumai outside of a supermarket. There she meets Ako and questions why she didn't go to Bansei. After a brief conversation, they notice Ako getting picked up by Harue Akado. When their senior Yae Kobashiri comes out of the supermarket and tells them Achiga might be good opponents, she is taken aback. Later at the prefectural tournament she was seen rooting fiercely for Yae, but was horribly shocked when Achiga easily defeats her school. In the anime, she shows up at Achiga's departing to wish Ako good luck and tells her that she will beat them next year.

National Tournament Arc

In the anime, she shows up to were some of the Achiga fans gather to watch Ako's match. She then converses with Nozomi Atarashi about how Ako and how she has improved. Nozomi then tells her that she bets she thinks that she will be there next year and Hatsuse agrees with her. At the end of Ako's match, she was surpised by how she can talk to the famous Sera Eguchi so casually and tells Nozomi this.